01. Procurement of Wheat

High quality wheat is sourced from the reliable traders across India. Wheat is screened through extensive quality tests and checks at our laboratory, equipped with state of art tools and equipment.

02. Cleaning of Wheat

Wheat undergoes several stages of cleaning for removing of dust, impurities and foreign particles. Our machines our world class and food safety & Hygiene is our primary Goal for our consumers.

03. Packaging of Wheat

The wheat products our packaged in Sanitized packs and pouches to preserve the natural Flavors and nutrition of the product.

04. Laboratory Testing

After products are manufactured in our mill,they go through Stringent food testing in our laboratories.The various parameters of moisture,gluten and ash are checked to ensure food of highest quality for our loyal Customer base.

05. Transportation of Wheat products

We have a dedicated fleet of trucks in which the products are loaded and delievered to our dealers.

Quality Certifications