Jammu Flour Mills History

Jammu Flour Mill was consolidated in the warehouse territory of Jammu. A conventional plant setup to meet the requests of the warehouse shoppers, which in that time was one of the greatest trade centre of Jammu and Kashmir.

The KC Group acclimatized the plant in 1984 and began its operations in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The business enterprise and devotion of Shri. Arun Mahajan which was distinguished by his mentors Shri Ram Chand Mahajan and Shri Satish Mahajan gave him a thumbs up to start a production factory in the Gangyal Industrial Area.

The focus of this Mill was modernized wheat processing for the buyers of the state. This new Manufacturing mill was set up by specialists from Poland and apparatus was imported to manufacture quality products.

Since 1984 KC Jammu Flour Mill has carefully and judiciously invested in new machinery to maintain quality and upgrade the storage and provide employee training.