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KC Promises you only the most delightful rotis and bakery products straight from our facility for your kitchen with our love and care through our diligent preparation.

We source only the best wheat from home and abroad, allowing us to offer our customers that something extra that is why there is demand of our products.

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100% Natural Product
KC Gold is a 100% Natural product, we at KC don’t add any additives or preservatives to our product.
Selected Golden Wheat
The Wheats are selected from a section of wheat samples after a stringent process in our laboratories
Reasonable Pricing
The Reasonable pricing of KC Gold Chakki Fresh Atta has been done to serve all sections of the society.
Good Digestive Health
Whole Wheat Atta is rich in insoluble fibre,which helps food to pass easily through the digestive system.
Diabetic Friendly
Magnesium and zinc, has the qualities to improve insulin response that helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
Best for Skin And hair
Selenium, an antioxidant helps in keeping wrinkles at bay and also prevents in the dryness of skin & hair.

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